Sonny Carter Training Facility/Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

Our first stop on the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

First Views from the visitors gallery entrance


A truss segment that was either just removed or about to enter the tank

The diving tank is 202 feet in length, 102 feet wide, and 40 feet deep. It contains 6.2 million gallons of water.

S1 Truss Segment

Commercial area in the back corner from the opposite corner and CanadaArm 2 Remote Manipulator

Divers in the tank above the Destiny module

in the lower left is the Node 3 Module and Cupola on the lower right is the Node 1 (Unity) and Z1 Truss

Control area on the upper level

In the back is the S3,S4 & S6 Truss Sections

A closer view of the commercial area where they were lowering some of the modules in the water


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